8 tips to keep a warm house in winter

Every winter we are given the same tips for saving energy in home. Installing insulation and sealing gaps and cracks in every wall are very good ideas, but sometimes you just want a quick fix that won’t break the bank. Here are 8 creative solutions that you can do by yourself to keep your house warm during a cold winter.

  1. Draught Stopper

For those that don’t know, draught stopper is a cloth made circular “sausage” that covers the gap between the door and the floor. You can make one yourself by taking a pair of tights and stuffing them with old clothes, rice and even sand. You will see a significant rise in the temperature.

  1. Tin Foil

A very useful trick for getting the most out of your heaters is to place tin foil between the wall and your heater. That way the heat that comes from the heater and goes to the wall reflects back to the room and is not absorbed from the wall.

  1. Oven Heat

After pulling your freshly cooked meal from the oven, don’t just waste all that heat just by closing the oven’s door. You can leave it open so the heat can be distributed to the area and help in warming it.

  1. Electric Blankets

A cold bed during a cold night is the worth thing. Even if the room has a good temperature the cold bed can keep you up all night. One great solution is to get an electric blanket. It will keep you warm and will help you have a great night’s sleep. In this site http://warmelectric.com/ you will find the best blankets on the market.

  1. Cover the walls

Covering the walls can help dramatically in rising the temperature of the area. From a beautiful painting to a big poster, the options are almost endless.

  1. Curtains

Did you know that up to 40% of the heat escapes from the uncovered windows and floor? Curtains will reflect that heat back in the room.

  1. Carpets

Carpets will help keep the house warm and your feet too! That 40% of the heat that we mentioned before is more than enough to persuade you to cover your floors.

  1. Let the light in

Ok it’s winter, but sometimes the clouds break and the sun shines through. Be ready to keep the curtains open and soak up the light and the heat.