How to Become a Better High School Wrestler

How to Become Better High School Wrestler

Wrestling is a popular sport in high school. However, you have to refine your techniques and be smart enough to make a name for yourself. It isn’t that hard to become an accomplished high school wrestler though. Here’s is a rundown of what you need to do;

Improve Your Skills

Start by enhancing your athletic stance. The idea is to increase the impact of your drills. Perfect the art of performing the universal stance. To do so, stand with shoulders and feet apart. Bend your knees a little bit and lean forward. Position your hands in front of your thighs as if you’re trying to get hold of your challenger.

Also, learn how to combine wrestling techniques to take advantage of your opponent. Most importantly, join a training gym to enable you to hone your skills. On top of that, get more info on how to choose the best martial arts gym in your area.

Train for Strength

Sure, your wrestling skills have to be on point, but wrestling is a power’s game. It is, therefore, essential for you to incorporate strength training into your training regimen. That way, you will increase the power you need to topple your opponents during matches. Again, make sure that you’re working with a trainer who understands the basics of strength training for wrestlers.

Some of the exercises to add to your regimen include sit-ups, push-up, shoulder presses and wall sits as well as pull-ups.

Work on Your Agility

Other than being strong, you need to be agile so you can move in the ring quickly. The last thing that you want to do during a match is to get caught off guard or fail to make moves swiftly. One of the best ways to improve your agility is to participate in mock competitions, running through obstacles course and jumping ropes.

Summing It Up

You must remain committed to your training program to become a better high school wrestler. You can even consider joining a wrestling camp during holidays if that’s what it takes. Apart from that, develop the right mindset. Wrestling is a mind’s game as much as it is strength’s game. Don’t get discouraged if you lose matches. Losses should motivate you to work even harder.

Work on your strongest points. Also, listen to your trainer and don’t hesitate to ask for clarifications when you don’t understand your coaches’ advice.