Choose Wisely The Most Important Kitchen Tool

When you are about to set up a kitchen you should get the perfect knife set for your kitchen. It is a great way by which you can have different types of knives in your kitchen. But generally, the kitchen knife set contains many types of knives that you may hardly use. Only some knifes are put to use and the others are just left in the knife holder.  So, it is better to buy the knife set that contains only those knives that are useful to you. It saves  lots of money to you. Instead of spending money on the expensive cutlery cutting tool, you should buy these knifes for your kitchen.

Chef knife is classical

Chef knife is the most common type of knife that can be easily found with all the professional chefs. It is a multipurpose knife that is used for cutting, Dicing, Slicing, chopping and mincing. Its blade is broad than other kind of knife blades. Chef knife is available in curved, rectangular and pointed tip. Paper thin slicing can even be done with this type of knife. The blade of chef knife is very thin and made of hard steel. 8” or 6” chef knife is the best. On the basis of ease of usability and space in the kitchen, you can select the right one. There are different types of chef’s knife on the basis of its design, construction material and type of handle. Chef should select the right type of chef’s knife from the store like Cut It Fine, on the basis of their cooking style and usability in the kitchen.

Paring knife

This knife is the best at the job of peeling of the vegetables and fruits. Some people may say that peeler is better at the job of peeling. But with the peeler you will get the peels of the desired thickness and without any shape. Paring knife enables peeling in the desired direction and of desired thickness. It is also used for mincing herbs and cutting small fish.

Santoku knife

This knife is amazingly designed to prevent the food from sticking on the knife. It has the hollows or bulge dots near the blade which makes it more professional than the other types of knife blades. This type of knife is ideal for cutting vegetables and meat. This is light in weight, shorter and thinner.  The unique design of Santoku knife makes it a perfect knife for the kitchen.