Effective Lower Back Pain Remedies

Effective Lower Back Pain Remedies

You don’t have to see a doctor for lower back pain especially if it is at its early stages. You are better of finding ways to relieve the pain before it aggravates into something serious. These treatment options are efficient and readily available.

Mattress Toppers

One of the reasons you’re likely to experience back pain is the lack of adequate support from your mattress. Investing in a matters topper could very well be your best bet to prop up your spine as you sleep. The best topper should be thick enough and reasonably firm. Of course, it has to match the size of your bed. Visit Free Your Spine to view a selection of top-rated mattress toppers and what makes them brilliant choices for reducing the intensity of suffering caused by lower back pain.


You don’t have to embark on a high-intensity exercise program to treat back pain. However, you can take short walks, yoga classes or any other low-impact activity to reduce the pain. The idea is to help relax tight muscles and trigger the production of endorphins in your brain. Exercise as often as you can to increase your muscle’s strength and flexibility.

Adjust your Workstation

Straining or slouching at your office desk can lead to improper posture. The ripple effect is that you’ll experience neck and lower back pain. It, therefore, makes perfect sense to keep your computer at eye level. More than that, your chair has to be at the correct height.

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration say that proper ergonomics can help relieve back pain and a host of other injuries. Plus, a study in Denmark determined that people working in nursing homes are less likely to experience back pain after changing their workstation ergonomics. Be sure to squat and use your legs – not your back – when lifting heavy objects for support.

The Bottom Line

Lower back pain is a common condition that can harm your work and personal life. But, it is treatable without visiting the doctor or taking painkillers. On top of the remedies above, get enough sleep to help align your spine. Repeated research shows that lack of sleep can worsen pain. It can also affect your body’s ability to tolerate the suffering. The National Sleep Foundation recommends that you sleep for 7 to 9 hours every day. Seek medical advice if your problem doesn’t improve.