Four Vegan Diet Falsehoods you Should Know

Four Vegan Diet Falsehoods you Should Know

Make no mistake about, making “raw foods” part of your diet is one of the best healthy eating decisions you could ever make. However, there are plenty of myths about the vegan diet. Here are some of the things you’re likely to hear about “living foods” that are plainly NOT true!

You Need to Eat ONLY Raw Foods to Gain from Vegan Diet

Statistics indicate that the average American eats processed food at least once every week. An increase in raw foods, therefore, is beneficial. And it can be as simple as substituting a sausage with fresh fruit for breakfast. You could as well eat a vegan green salad instead of canned food for lunch.

You Should Eat Your Raw Foods Cold

Nothing could be further from the truth! In fact, you should consider warming your raw food as long as the heat levels don’t get past 104 degrees Fahrenheit. The best way to heat your vegan meals is to use a dehydrator. You may also use a coffee maker’s warming plate for soups.

You Can Only Eat Your Vegan Diet at Home

Of course, this is not true – not with the many raw food eateries around! If you live in large cities such as San Francisco, LA, or Chicago you can just get into a local co-op and get yourself a vegetarian meal.

Besides, you can make a green smoothie at home and take it with you if you don’t want to get your vegan dish from a restaurant. Even then, be sure to invest in a good smoothie maker that will meet your needs. On that note, read more about the best green smoothie maker to know what buying a top-of-the-line model means for you and your quest to stay healthy.

Vegan Diet is Expensive

Some of the most costly meals in the world are not vegetarian. Sure, raw foods can be pricey, but it all boils down to the choices that you make. Consider shopping your food items at a discount grocery store to save some money. That said, you cannot, for instance, compare the price of apples, greens or bananas to steak.

In Conclusion

Vegan diet comes with its fair share of health benefits, and you should try it out. However, you need separate the truths from the lies to make the most out of your meal. One more thing – vegan diet is not only made up of raw vegetables and fruits. Seaweeds, nuts, and juices are all part of a vegetarian diet!