Get Relief From The Intolerable Toothache

It is really painful to suffer from the oral problems, especially toothache. It can make your day worse if you are suffering from toothache. There are many people who avoid going to the dentist and try the home remedies to treat the dental pain. In many cases, the toothache disappears with home remedies but in most of the cases, it makes the condition worse. People keep on taking pain relieving medicines to reduce the intensity of pain but it is really not a healthy idea to treat the toothache.

Time to go to the dentist

If you are experiencing toothache for more than 1 or 2 days even after trying several home remedies, then it is suggested that you should visit a professional dentist near you. It is only the dentist who can correctly understand the root cause of the problem and help you to get rid of it by offering you right treatment. Even if your toothache is severe or you have fever, earache and problem in opening your mouth, then you should visit to Emergency dentist London without any delay.

Thorough examination of your denture

When you visit the dentist, your dentist will carry out a physical examination of your teeth and check your dental history first. Dentists will ask you several questions regarding pain and then X-rays may be taken to determine the root cause of the problem.

Treatments for toothache

Treatment for the toothache depends upon the root cause of the pain so until the detail of the root cause of toothache is not cleared; it will be difficult for the dentist to start the treatment. For the temporary relief from pain, dentist will prescribe some pain reliever or antibiotic which can help the patient to get rid of pain, fever and swelled jaws.

Root canal therapy

Root canal can be the possible treatment to treat the pain if there is problem in the root of the tooth.  Root canal therapy is done to remove the tooth’s pulp. Tooth pulp is the small thread like tissue which is at the center of the teeth.  It may get damaged due to injury or get infected due to lack of oral care, which starts troubling you as the toothache. After the removal of the tooth pulp, the space is required to be cleaned, properly shaped and filled to restore the natural look of the teeth and prevent it from decaying.

Prevention of the toothache

The most common cause of the tooth problems is the lack of dental and oral care which leads to the development of bacteria in the mouth which affects the oral health. It is suggested that you should brush your teeth twice a day and take proper care of your mouth and teeth to prevent any oral problem.