Getting Cheap canvas prints

Canvas printing is the art of turning any favorite photos to artistic prints and beautiful wall hangings by printing them on canvas. Canvas prints have been to be the best accessories either it’s for the home or offices. They create a really good and attractive feature on one’s wall. Canvas prints just like any other wall hanging comes in handy to create an illusion of space reduction. Over time canvas prints have been known to be very classy and attractive gifts that can be given to friends, family and even favorite clients. Collage canvas can also be used to a story.

Canvas prints can be found in different shapes and sizes as required by the customers; square shapes, rectangular, framed, panoramic, collage and timber. These are the common types but the artist can get as creative as they possible.

However making of canvas is as simple as it requires readily available materials; black canvases, photo prints, foam brushes, black paint, utility knife, cutting board and wooden frames.

Canvas prints have been known to be very expensive and a product of the rich but in order to make cheap canvas here are some tips that could aid in making cheap canvas prints; the basis should be of great quality; the photo intended to be printed should be of great quality and should really reflect the colors and patterns. One could post process the photos this is done to enhance the photos. Make sure that the photos are well aligned on the canvas the image editing styles should be done with ultimate accuracy this involves image wrapping and creation of good border lines. The color shades and tones should be perfect. There is some application software that could really help. Always let the customer make a preview before finishing, this eliminates the repeating factor. Cheap canvas is not only about cutting down on the cost of canvas material but also generally about cutting down on all the expenses. The gloss used after making the canvas should of good quality so as to cause the glow and shiny finish that makes the print look really classy.

These prints can be easily made at home. Here are some steps on how to make simple canvasses;

Choose the photo, the right size of canvas, using the brush apply a layer of mod podge, place the photo on top, after it dries cut of the overhanging pieces, paint a small layer of mod over the photo, cover the photo with another canvas before it dries let it dry slowly finally color the edges or place the frame.

Canvas prints can be wrapped or stretched during delivery. The wrapped canvas is safer and prevents the print from shrinking by the plastic casing.

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