Important rules of healthy nutrition. Benefits of healthy nutrition.

The healthy nutrition is the correct way for weight loss. There is only one efficient principle of weight loss and it is simple: it is only possible to lose weight consuming fewer calories than you spend!!! From this article, you will not find out about the calculation of calories.  Here you will learn out about the principles, which really help to lose weight.

Pluses of healthy nutrition:

+ it is not necessary to be hungry. It is possible to eat much, it is just necessary to balance the diet;

+ it is possible to alter a figure, and also skin, hair, nails, and health in general (due to nutrition with healthy and natural products). With a presence of useful fats (which regulate all this) and slow carbohydrates.

+ it helps to support weight even if you did not grow thin on software, then it would help to keep your weight for long. There is an interesting thought that the weight needs to be held on more or less stable figure within 2-3 years and then the organism completely will adapt to it and it is possible to relax (but only a little). Kilograms would not return very quickly and it will be simpler to control weight;

+ it is possible to eat as soon as got hungry and even in the evening. Here the only quality of your food is important.  But the last meal not later than 3 hours before a sleep;

+ it is not necessary to refuse from eating sweets. However, it is allowed to eat only a little them. In addition, there are a huge number of recipes of healthy nutrition according to which it is possible to make pizza, candies, to bake cakes and other.

Important rules of healthy nutrition:

  1. Calculate the standard daily rate of calories. It can be done independently on a formula or automatically through online services.
  2. It is necessary to replace products with less unhealthy of all organism. If you love bread, replace it on whole grain or small loafs. Sugar should be replaced with sweetener or honey. If it is difficult to refuse meat, then fat pork can be replaced with beef or chicken. Sunflower oil can be replaced with olive or coconut. Heavy cream, sour cream with natural yogurt. Also, it is necessary to replace mayonnaise with yogurt with mustard and lemon juice. (in this case, you will need to learn how to make yogurt at home. Learn more at Remember, first days it will be difficult, but then the organism will get used and you will feel the result!
  1. Calculate the regulation of proteins-fats-carbohydrates. It is necessary in order that during weight loss your muscles did not burn down (for example because of a lack of protein) or were not gone monthly (because of a lack of fats). The deficit of carbohydrates leads to a glycogen stock depletion in a liver and to adjournment of fat in its cages. Recommendation: For the convenience of control, it is possible to use the program of maintaining the diary of food in your phone.
  1. The menu should be various. It is not necessary to eat only meat or vegetables. The majority of products in a week shall be at least 30 names. It will allow not missing and deriving pleasure from food.
  2. You should not exclude salt, but it is better to replace it on sea iodated.
  3. The most important: you do not treat healthy nutrition, as a diet. It is not a diet for weight loss; decrease in kilograms will become a remarkable bonus to your healthy lifestyle.
  4. Reduce portions. Nevertheless, I do not use this rule.