Mistakes To Avoid During Twitter Automation

Twitter is among the top social media platforms as it is just below Instagram and Facebook based on the number of subscribers. If you are looking for a platform through which to promote your brand, then this a platform that you should consider because of its popularity. You can use it to create a campaign before you launch a product or even promote an existing one. Twitter automation will come in handy because you cannot be able to handle everything. However, you are not guaranteed that everything will be alright when you automate. The following are some of the mistakes to avoid.

    1. Failure to have a strategy

Successful brands know what they want to post, how to do it and when to do it. In short, you should know how many times you post in a day, week or month depending on your needs. The schedule should be flexible to allow you to post emerging news that is not on your schedule. Remember that you do not have to market your brand seven days in a week. You should dedicate 80% of your content to educating your followers and the rest 20% to marketing.

    1. Using the wrong tool

The first thing to ask yourself is what you want to achieve after automation. Do you want to gain more followers, get more likes or schedule your posts? There are different tools that are tailored for every function and selecting the wrong one will just disappoint you. Review every tool for you to land on the best based on features and how it helps achieve your goals. A good example of a professional evaluation is Tweepi Review – Is Tweepi a Scam? – Spire. The ideal tool should not violate any of the terms of use of Instagram as this risks the termination of your account.

    1. Wrong targeting

You may be having the coolest campaign in your niche but targeting the wrong group of followers. Sponsored posts allow you to specify the group you intend to target and you can refine based on age, location, and gender just to mention a few. This ensures that the message lands on the right customer base which increases the chances of closing a sale. Even if you are just about to launch a product, you have to know your target market or else you suffer a terrible failure. Analyze them based on buying habits and what they like.