Natural Uses Of Essential Oils

Essential oils are very helpful in many means. People widely use essential oils in their daily living. These oils are primarily extracted from natural resources such as leaves, seeds, flowers, roots, stems or barks. These essential oils have healing effects that can help you curing several injuries and getting rid of pain. Essential oils are used in many ways around the world. Essential oils have proved to be very helpful to our body. There are two ways in which essential oils are used. First is by smelling them directly whereas second method is by mixing these oils with other oils and applying the mixture on the skin. You can visit to know more about the natural ways of essential oils.


Mentioned below are some details related to the use of essential oils.

  • Aromatherapy: Essential oils are used in aroma therapy. Aroma therapy includes inhalation of the aroma or fumes of the essential oil that has a positive effect on you psychologically as well as physiologically. These essential oils are diffused in atmosphere using the oil diffuser. These diffused fumes of the essential oils are believed to trigger the functioning of the brain which leads to effective body energy and power.
  • Repellant: These essential oils can also be used to kill the insects or mosquitoes. Many people are suffering from the problem of increased insects and flies in their house. You can use the essential oils to repel these insects out from your home or kill them. You can use peppermint, lemongrass, rosemary, citronella or lavender essential oils to diffuse them around your windows and doors. You can also apply a mixture of essential oils with coconut oil and rub it on your body to save yourself from mosquito disease.
  • For bad odor: Essential oils also help in removing the bad odor from your house. You can diffuse these oils near to your bad odor areas to make them smell good. It also helps in killing the pet odor from your house. So, if you have a pet in your house you can use these oils to make your home smell great.
  • Purify your surrounding: You can also use these essential oils to purify your surrounding air. These essential oils have anti bacterial properties in them which purify the air by killing most of the micro organism and bacteria present in the air.
  • Medical use: Essential oils are also used in medicines as well as in cosmetics industry. Many of the beauty products use various types of essential oils to enhance your face and skin.