The World Is A Stage And It’s Time To Be A Star

If you are an artist, a part of a band, or a solo performer, one of the best ways to express your music to your audience is by doing a live performance. The very first essential element that you would want to have is a perfect microphone that will truly emphasize your vocals and your instruments. A good microphone plays an important role in your performance because it adds up to the quality of your stage presence. If you have a microphone which is not perfectly fit for your instrument or voice, then your performance on stage will suffer, therefore your audience will not hear you completely making your music or live performance less appreciated.

There are a lot of musicians, professionals and amateurs, which really take note of their preferred microphones. There are some musicians and artists who only use one kind of microphone in their difference performances while there are some musicians who use different kinds of microphone in different songs depending on their personal preference. Through this, we can say that choosing the best microphone may sometimes become subjective.

Choose your limelight

In choosing the best microphones for your live sound performance, there are factors and aspects that you need to take into consideration especially when performing on a big stage. First, you must know your budget. In order to avail your preferred microphone, you should at least compare it to other brands; compare its strengths as well its price range. Second, you must have enough knowledge on the requirements that you have when purchasing the best microphones. Based on research, most professional artists recommend dynamic microphones especially when performing live; however, there are some who use condenser microphones. When choosing the microphones, you should also know the difference between a dynamic and condenser microphone. Another way to test this is to record your piece using the two microphones for you to decide which sound you like by still considering the factors that fit your needs.

Third, you must know the elements and dimensions included on your musical piece or live performance.  You should familiarize yourself if most of your songs or performance will include vocals or other instrumentals. Lastly, you must also know if you need a wired or wireless microphone. This aspect is very subjective because it depends on how you perform on stage. Wireless microphones are popular especially if the performer is usually roaming around the stage and at the audience area. One of the many ways to get to know more the microphone that you are about to purchase is by comparing it to other brands or kinds. Choosing a microphone may somewhat become subjective, depending on the user and your project.

Live like a star

Imagine yourself on stage with a microphone in your hands. Isn’t it an amazing experience if everything in your concert or performance is perfect? Aside from your voice and performance, a perfect microphone will add up to your confidence and how your audience will relate to you. A good microphone means a lot to a live performance; it gives soul to your voice. Aside from performing from the heart, it is also good to know the technicalities behind your performance; the gadgets that you are going to use are the essential factors that you need to have a brilliant performance. Do not forget to take note of the strengths and requirements that you need before purchasing your own microphone.