Is It Time to Upgrade Your Old Electrical Service?

Is It Time to Upgrade Your Old Electrical Service

When buying a house, you are most likely to find an existing electrical system in place. Many of the houses aged 30 years or more were constructed with minimum electrical service, mainly because during those periods homeowners didn’t have many electrical devices. Only a few homes had hair dryers, electric ranges, toaster ovens and the like.

If you stay in such a home and you decide to buy many appliances, you need to upgrade the electrical service so that you don’t run out of electrical capacity. Ignoring this fact will mean that you end up experiencing blown fuses, local brownouts or overheating of wires. All these can lead to potential fire risk. So, what should you expect when you decide to go for an upgrade from I-Tech Electricians?

Install Devices to Prevent Damage

Electronic devices such as televisions and computers don’t take much regarding power consumption. The technician will install uninterruptible power supplies and surge suppressors to prevent damages to these devices. These tools will protect other devices such as digital video recorders, computerized sewing machines, cable boxes and exercise equipment.

Replacement of Old Wires

Another issue that arises in older homes is that the wires that run from the poles to your house, and then to the meter before distributing power to other areas of the house are usually old and frayed. For safety and to prevent the wires from getting cut anytime sooner. The cables and wires should also be replaced for safety purposes.

It is during this process that the electrician identifies low-quality wiring and replaces them. The aim is to make sure you enjoy a proper electrical supply to your home without any interruptions.

Upgrading the Service

As your electrical needs increase, you need to have the right service to offer the right capacity. The electrician assesses your current and future needs and installs a larger service to cater to your needs. The service will be able to handle the addition of electrical appliances without fuses blowing out. The electrician also protects your service entry cable from damage due to elements.

Final Words

When it comes to installation or repair of an existing installation, you need to work with an electrician who understands the process of diagnosing, assessing and installing wiring and fixtures. Older homes need to be upgraded to deliver the right capacity that will supply all the electrical devices in your home without blowing a fuse.