Trashcans you think are not real

The trashcan that can also be referred to as dustbin is a tool for briefly storing waste food and other kinds of waste before it is taken by the waste collector and moved into the landfill. They are usually made with metals and plastic. However, there are some bins you thought were just trick but they were real. This is why I wrote this article to orientate you about them.

The Armstrong Bin

It is designed by Sukwon and Sungwoo park, it is made to reduce the amount of waste we use every day and to minimize the number of spaces used. The Armstrong bin as it name implies derived its name from the first man who step on the moon, Neil Armstrong. You reduced the space your trash bin used by stepping on it to reduce its size. However, this may be the first time you are reading about it, which make it a record setter.

The Minus Trashcan

It is an electronic trashcan can help reduce the smell of waste goods drop in them. The minus was conceived by a turkey designer, Cem Tutuncuoglu who aim to find a solution to the way junks smell in the trash can by freezing it. To use it, open and drop your item (like a banana pill, empty pop cans and so on) in it. After you drop your item, close the lid and click shut then you will have to set the temperature and press go. Leave the Minus to do the rest. However, It is not a suitable place to drop dead animals or unfinished food.

Garbage Pin

For those who are fashion oriented, this will be a perfect match for you. You can turn your trash into fashion by using garbage pin. It is an innovation of a Portuguese designer, Ana Cardium to carry your trash bin on you with ease. A transparent plastic garbage bag is held to your coat by a metallic silver structure and it can serve as beautification. However, once the garbage bag is full, it can be removed and emptied. Moreover, when you want to buy your garbage pin, it is usually sold with the bag and wire. For more information about this, you can visit

Luxury Gold plated trashcan

As you know the affluent can never be forgotten. This type is made for the wealthy people who want things that will best fit their multi-million home or office. It is designed by Sylvie Fleur and it is covered with real gold. However, as we know luxury things are not commercially made, there are only twenty-five of its kind in the world. If you want it you can place your order at just as little as $15,000

These are the list of the bins that you think are not real.